See one of the most beautiful villages in Italy - Scilla

Unique photos from the drone for each place visited.

Look for one of the most famous places on the Tyrrhenian coast

Watch the Incredibles of Calabria with new eyes … those of a drone.

Fly with the drone on breathtaking places

There are detailed sheets for each place visited

Mavic DJI with 4K Camara

The DJI drone allows you to shoot from new perspectives of the places we already know. Whenever the right opportunity presents itself, I launch my drone to shoot. Then with a good post-production and a right musical base I can publish on the youtube channel.

Sony 4K Camera

As you can see, videos are not just from above. To have a more complete view of the place, I want to have other frames that I’m going to resume around the place visited. In this way the post production has a better overview of the whole.

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The Youtube Channel was born to give greater importance to the most beautiful places in Calabria. I have often heard comments or requests from vacationers or immigrants who do not know the most characteristic areas of the region. I hope you like it and if you want to give me some suggestions, I’m always available. Thank you