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I love traveling in Calabria & Flying with drone

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I have the ambition to show you my region from another point of view.

A few years ago I started using the camera not to take pictures as is often used but to tell a story.

And there would be many stories to tell around Calabria.

To such an extent that I even wanted to read about some stories discovered even by chance. The most engaging story so far was the one discovered in the tourist village of Le Castella where a bronze bust is erected in memory of a certain Alì Uccialì.

I discovered the story of a kidnapped boy who became a great Turkish pirate still revered in Istanbul in a large mosque.

After finding an ancient book about his life, I tried to understand what genius a little suburban man had in the great battle of Lepanto.

Here, despite being defeated by the Christian army, Ali returned home with some banner as a trophy.





Placanica and the murals you don’t expect


How I would like to travel …

Unfortunately, the past year has forced us to live with new rules that are often difficult to accept.

We hope that 2021 will bring all the vaccines necessary to eradicate this virus.

So it will be easier to go back to travel and stay with the people we love most, visit the places of the heart, the cities of art and look for the most evocative views of our areas.

Happy 2021 to all, hoping that it is propitious for our wishes.

Recent Trips To The Region

These are some of the latest posts I have recently published to describe the latest tours in Calabria. If you want you can read them to have a wider experience than what I saw with my camera and drone.

We Love Catanzaro July 16

We Love Catanzaro July 16

We love Catanzaro, on the occasion of the anniversary of the patron saint of the city of Catanzaro on July 16, I wanted to offer some video ideas for the creation of a short advertising spot.

Tortora is not just a blue flag

Tortora is not just a blue flag

{% CAPTION%} [/ caption] Tortora is a discovery because it is not just a blue flag. Tortora is the last of the municipalities north of the Tyrrhenian coast. It is one of the oldest Calabrian cities,...

Borgia to discover and the Monastery of San Fantino

Borgia to discover and the Monastery of San Fantino

In the territory of Borgia there is a Basilian monastery abandoned to neglect. It has been listed as a national heritage but it stands on private land and is poorly or poorly indicated. I think the superintendency should take care of it otherwise we may lose what is left of it.