Culture, history and sea is the perfect combination for a 3 day holiday in Calabria. I could recommend several places to visit, because you know, Calabria is all beautiful.

But in this itinerary I want to introduce you to some of the places on the Calabrian Ionian coast. From south to north you will pass 3 provinces: from that of catanzaro, you will pass that of crotone to finish in that of cosenza.

DAY 1:

The first place to reach is Le Castella in the municipality of Isola Capo Rizzuto.

The castella of Isola Capo Rizzuto

The castella of Isola Capo Rizzuto

Le Castella stands on a promontory that extends over the sea between wild cliffs. The landscape is so beautiful that it has been called a marine protected area.

The seabed is covered by poseidonia. If you are lucky, you will find a service that allows you to see the seabed on a boat prepared for the occasion.

The Aragonese fortress dominates the bay from an islet overlooking the mainland and has become one of the major attractions of the entire Costa dei Saraceni.

The visit is obvious, but even more beautiful is to enjoy this view perhaps in front of a nice plate of spaghetti allo scoglio.

A few kilometers to the north is the Capo Colonna archaeological park. In addition to the park, a visit to the museum full of works and documents is highly recommended.

A little further north is the famous city of Pythagoras, the capital of the province of Crotone. In addition to the beautiful waterfront, you must visit the Castle of Charles V and the adjacent museum with other unique works of their kind.

DAY 2:

Continue north to reach CirĂ² Marina famous for its excellent wine and more.

In the parts of Punta Alice there are also the remains of the Temple of Apollo Haleo. Among the churches to visit is that of San Cataldo, built in the early 1900s.

While more inland is the sanctuary of the Madonna di Itria. I also recommend visiting the ancient village of CirĂ² Superiore, home of the famous Lilio, mathematician and astronomer, to whom we owe the perfect calendar, used by almost the entire world population.

We leave north to reach the new city of Rossano-Corigliano, where you can admire, among other things, the Ducal Castle and its beautiful frescoed and furnished rooms.

Rossano is also rich in history and culture. Do not miss its ancient village and a visit to the Codex Purpureus, a UNESCO heritage site. Here you can find different solutions to stay in a b & b without spending too much.

DAY 3:

We leave for the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Armi in the municipality of Cerchiara di Calabria.

The road begins to climb the mountains that dominate the Ionian side. In the end you will be breathless for the beauty of the place surrounded by silence and wild nature.

The architectural complex, partly excavated in the rock, incorporates the cave that houses the miraculous black image of the Madonna, preserved in a silver case. Inside it houses remarkable works of art and baroque silverware.

The last stop to reach is Rocca Imperiale, almost on the border with Basilicata. This locality is important not only for the presence of the very well kept Federiciano Castle, but also for the production of the best Calabrian lemons which are exported everywhere.

The imposing and sumptuous Swabian Castle is located on the top of the hill on which the town of Rocca Imperiale extends, with its houses arranged in tiers, about 250 meters above sea level.

The Castle was built in a place of great military and strategic importance. I suggest you take a walk through the alleys of the village until you reach the former Franciscan Convent at the foot of the castle. Halfway you will find the Church of Santa Maria in Cielo Assunta, to visit without any doubt.

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