With the communication of the final data, the final ranking of the Places of the Heart of the FA has been made official.

The Cavallara Tower in Catanzaro scored 3,919 votes. It ranked 106th overall out of over 39,500 candidate sites.

Scrolling through the local and category rankings, it turns out that the Tower has reached the second place overall among the candidate places in Calabria.

This ranking sees in first place the Basilian Monastic Complex of Santa Maria del Patire, in the Municipality of Corigliano Rossano.

But the greatest satisfaction with the result comes from the national ranking relating to the type of site.

In fact, the Cavallara Tower is the most voted in Italy, in front of the Colimena Tower in Manduria (TA).

The number of votes collected and the position earned would allow the Committee to present a project financed by the FAI after selection, for the recovery or use of the asset.

The regulation provides for the possibility of being able to present a project even if the asset is private, obviously with the consent of the owner and with certain conditions relating to the management and use of the money.

This splendid result is also thanks to my friend Ivan Comi and myself. He involved me to create a mini spot with the help of the drone. And here is the result of that morning, at sunrise.

Watchtower of the seventeenth century, is perched on a hill a few steps from the Ionian coast of Catanzaro.

The building was built for defense purposes against Saracen invasions. The tower, with a quadrangular base, is called “Cavallara” because it housed the Cavallari, responsible for fast communications in case of danger.

The horses were housed on the ground floor, in an environment with a barrel vault and central pillar.

Access to the upper floor was via an external staircase with a drawbridge.

The Cavallara Tower was part of a large system of sighting structures built along the entire coast.

The precious “Carratelli Code”, a late 16th century manuscript made up of 99 recently rediscovered watercolors, depicts its complexity and importance.