Capo Vaticano beachCapo Vaticano is one of the most interesting Italian coastal reliefs and one of the most touristic seaside resorts in Calabria.

It overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the province of Vibo Valentia .. a pearl of rare beauty, between the two gulfs of Sant’Eufemia and Gioia Tauro. It is only 10 km away. about from the suggestive and wonderful Tropea.

A promontory to take your breath away.

From its height, the view can sweep up to the Aeolian Islands and the Strait of Messina, on clear days.

In ancient times it was known with the name of “Taurianum Promontorium”, which later became “Vatican Promontory”.

Capo Vaticano: its magic is already all in the name that derives from the Latin Vaticinium, which means oracle, response and which recalls the legend according to which the extreme tip of the promontory was inhabited by the prophetess Manto.

She lived in a cave among the cliffs of the Cape, right in front of a rock that took the name of “Scoglio Mantineo” from her.

And, not surprisingly, Mantineo derives from the Greek “mantéuo” which means giving responses and reminds us of the origins of this ancient myth.

According to what is said, the sailors coming from the North addressed the prophetess, before crossing the whirlpools between Scilla and Cariddi.

While those who came from the south asked about the people they would meet sailing north. And, according to the legend, Ulysses seems to have asked the prophetess Manto, the auspices to continue his journey.

Today, Capo Vaticano is a geographical point .. where the Lighthouse of the Navy stands, which with its light indicates the route to follow to sailors.

Below the promontory is a succession of coves .. beautiful coves and white beaches .. candid sand and a blue expanse, with a crystalline sea and infinite transparency.

Beautiful beaches include “Le Grotticelle”, “Riaci”, “Praia I Focu”, but the most suggestive is that of “Torre Ruffa”, linked to the legendary story of Donna Canfora, a beautiful and faithful widow, who was kidnapped by the Saracens thrown into the sea from the ship, preferring death to dishonor.

For this reason, the sea changes its color every hour, taking on different shades of blue, such as the color of the veil that encircled her head … and the waves that break on the shore, recall the poignant lament, when every night, in the semblance of a ghost, greets his beloved and beloved land.

This enchanting promontory is like a luxuriant garden that extends towards the sea, embracing the opposite Aeolian Islands.

And .. late .. when the fiery ball of the Sun is swallowed by the jaws of the Stromboli volcano, bewitching explode .. poignant and unforgettable sunsets.

 Only from Calabria, from this wonderful stretch of “Costa degli Dei”, can you enjoy this natural phenomenon.

A magical and fantastic scenario opens up to our gaze that creates atmospheres of naturalistic and landscape beauty, unique in the world, of exceptional aesthetic importance.

Phenomenon that has all the characteristics required by UNESCO, to obtain the recognition of universality, irreplaceable and uniqueness.