Here are the 15 Blue Flags in Calabria which in this summer season will be the protagonists of the most beautiful beaches.

Calabria confirms itself as a dream destination, for its crystalline sea and paradisiacal beaches.

This year, as many as 15 Calabrian towns can boast the coveted title of “Blue Flag 2021”.

The prestigious international recognition assigned by the Fee (Foundation for Environmental Education) to beaches certified for the environmental quality not only of their waters,

but also for the services, green spaces, as well as the parameters of livability and sustainability for tourists.

Each province has its own seaside resorts with the best services and crystal clear waters,

one of the most beautiful of the 15 blue flags in Calabria

Tortora, Praia a Mare, San Nicola Arcella, Santa Maria del Cedro, Diamante, Roseto Capo Spulico, Trebisacce, Villapiana are the stages that we will see from time to time in time on the

In the province of Reggio Calabria and Catanzaro there are 2 locations each: Siderno and Roccella Jonica in the first and Soverato and Sellia marina in the second. In the province of Vibo valentia there is only Tropea.

Melissa and Cirò marina are the only two stops in the province of Crotone

Amazing kalabria has been invited by a television truope that will film all the locations. On this occasion we will have the opportunity to visit the most organized and cleanest beaches of the Calabrian coasts from north to south, from east to west.

We start with Soverato and Sellia Marina, then Tropea and the others to follow. A tour that will run until the end of August. Follow me on the youtube channel to not miss the episodes.

Finally in the headlines for what we really are: an area rich in resources, industrious communities, good practices in the private sector as well as in the governance of public affairs.

A positive balance that records an increase of one unit compared to the 14 beaches awarded in 2020.

An applause goes to all the Mayors of the municipalities of the 15 blue flags in Calabria for all the initiatives undertaken with skill and perseverance and for the results obtained.

The common goal is to promote the value of the territory; plan shared, sustainable and integrated development; enhance skills, optimize energy and resources to attract funding and implement concrete interventions.

What I have been doing personally for several years with the youtube channel and with this blog.

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