The beaches on the Riviera dei Cedri

The beaches on the Riviera dei Cedri

The beaches in the Riviera dei Cedri is that part of the Calabrian Tyrrhenian coast that extends from Paola to Tortora for a total of about 80 kilometers.

Its name is derived from the cultivation of the cedar that fill the surrounding valleys and hills. This citrus, as defined in the Bible, the fruit of the most beautiful tree, needs a mild and temperate climate, poorly ventilated.

The coastal strip includes 15 seaside resorts. From north to south there is Tortora, Praia a Mare, San Nicola Arcella, Scalea, Santa maria del cedro, Grisolia, Diamante, Maritime Belvedere, Sangineto, Bonifati, Cetraro, Acquappesa, Guardia Piemontese, Fuscaldo and Paola.

There are in the mountain area are Aieta, Santa Domenica Talao, Papasidero, Orsomarso, Verbicaro, Mierà and Buonvicino. The video I posted represents just a few of these blue flag locations that have stood out by international standards.

Water quality.

The beach must comply with the sampling requirements relating to the quality of the bathing water.

No waste water discharge (urban or industrial) must affect the beach area

The beach must comply with the Blue Flag requirements for microbiological parameters relating to Escherichia coli (fecal coliforms) and intestinal enterococci (Streptococci)

The beach must comply with the Blue Flag requirements for physical and chemical parameters (oils and floating material)

Environmental Management

The Riviera dei Cedri must have clean beaches. On the beach, there must be an adequate number of litter bins which must be regularly kept in order. Separate collection must be done.

And an adequate number of toilets or changing rooms must be available.

On the beach, the prohibition of camping, the circulation of cars or motorcycles must be enforced and any type of landfill must be prohibited.

Services and Security

An adequate number of rescue personnel and / or rescue equipment must be available on the beach.

First aid equipment must be available on the beach.

Safety measures for the protection of bathers must be implemented and free access to the public must be guaranteed.

At least one Blue Flag beach for each municipality must have access and facilities for the physically disabled.

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Pink Caves cannot be visited in winter

Pink Caves cannot be visited in winter

The Pink Caves are one of the many places in Calabria that are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

From the many photos found on social media, you can imagine being in an earthly paradise. This is how it should be all year round. Unfortunately this is not the case.

If there are sunny days in winter that make you want to stay away from home for a hike, think about it.

Grotte Rosa yes but only in summer. In fact, in the winter period there is no one who does the necessary maintenance to be able to reach this splendid place.

But wasn’t Calabria that region with a myriad of Forest Guards? Where did they go?

Ah, true !!!

They no longer exist because the Forestry Corps was absorbed into the Carabinieri.

And what do they do in the Carabinieri?

The professional figure of the forest ranger, or forest carabiniere, has the objective of safeguarding the natural, wildlife and landscape heritage.

It should also deal with safety not only in terms of the environment, but also of agri-food.

Calabria (source Italia Oggi) has 5887 stable forestry workers compared to 277 in Veneto, where the cost is 21 million euros net against 185 million euros, which are needed only for salaries.

In the territory of Albi and Magisano evidently they have forgotten the path that leads to the Pink Caves, there is no other explanation.

Eventually someone would like to have their say, we are here to add a few more notes.

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The Madonna del Pettoruto

The Madonna del Pettoruto

The Madonna del Pettoruto is a sanctuary that rises in a basin of the Esaro valley, on the Tyrrhenian side of the Pollino.

This pilgrimage site is visited every year in September by pilgrims who arrive on foot.

The origins of the sanctuary are distant in time, it seems that the first niche was erected in 1274.

The appellative petruto, that is petroso, refers to the whole mountainous area that surrounds the sanctuary.

A legend about its origin tells that a man named Nicola Mairo, originally from nearby Altomonte, unjustly accused of murder and took refuge on the mountain where the sanctuary stands today to escape capture, would have had a mystical vision.

Here he would have carved, during his hiding, the image of the Madonna and Child on a tufaceous rock; in 1449 the Mairo was cleared of all charges.

Tradition has it that in the early 1600s a deaf and mute shepherd boy heard his name and saw the Madonna with Child in her arms who urged him to found the church.

The sanctuary was built by the will of Bishop Felice Greco, bishop of San Marco Argentano and Bisignano from 1824 to 1840, subsequently elevated to a minor basilica by Pope John Paul II in 1979

Also relevant is the link with the Madonna del Pettoruto that devotees around the world have.

In San Isidro, Argentina, there is a community in honor of the Madonna del Pettoruto.

Families who emigrated from San Sosti and settled in Argentina have continued to practice the cult by reproducing the same anniversaries.

Other communities in Canada and the United States have brought with them the faith towards Our Lady and the Sansostesi traditions.

I also discovered that the city of Bra, in the Cuneo area, is twinned with the municipality of San Sosti. This is because many young San Sosti migrated to Piedmont in search of work and in Bra there is a large community of San Sosti origin.

Come and visit the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Pettoruto, it will be a unique opportunity.

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We Love Catanzaro July 16

We Love Catanzaro July 16

We love Catanzaro is the feast of the patron saint of the city of Catanzaro every 16th July.

I wanted to offer some video ideas for a short advertising spot .

The request was made to me by a dear friend, Mavì Raschellà and the new president of the Rotary Club Catanzaro Tre Colli, Luca Provenzano.

We love catanzaro shows the most important places in the city, highlighting the art, culture, passions and flavors that the city offers.

Starting from the Morandi Bridge, which has been the emblem of the city since the 1960s, you can catch a glimpse of the Quarryman who greets every foreigner upon arrival in the city.

Then I thought about the Biodiversity Park which is the green lung with the installations of unique works of their kind and the Military History Museum.

The Cavallara Tower represents the city’s past, when it had to defend itself from Turkish attacks in the 15th century.

The Politeama theater in the heart of the city and the bell tower of the Cathedral, along the alleys of the ancient areas of Greece.

The statue of Stocco, located in the square of the same name, represents the fervent and loyal patriot of General Garibaldi with whom, embarking in Quarto.

He fought in Calatafimi and then in Calabria.

Then you can see the Church of the Immaculate Conception and of San Giovanni and its Museum Complex.

In order not to forget the marine area, I offer an overview from the drone of the New Port with its boats to the docks.

From the drone I offer a panoramic view from Bellavista to the sea.

We love catanzaro is also the university center of Germaneto.

Then I show the typical dishes of our local cuisine: from morzello to vermituri.

Not to forget that Catanzaro is a city on the sea, I show the Gulf of Squillace and the sunrise that rises in the direction of Le Castella.

Last but not least, the yellow-red passion of the football team, which was the first to tread the Serie A terrains, at the time of the famous Mammì.

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15 Blue Flags in Calabria

15 Blue Flags in Calabria

Here are the 15 Blue Flags in Calabria which in this summer season will be the protagonists of the most beautiful beaches.

Calabria confirms itself as a dream destination, for its crystalline sea and paradisiacal beaches.

This year, as many as 15 Calabrian towns can boast the coveted title of “Blue Flag 2021”.

The prestigious international recognition assigned by the Fee (Foundation for Environmental Education) to beaches certified for the environmental quality not only of their waters,

but also for the services, green spaces, as well as the parameters of livability and sustainability for tourists.

Each province has its own seaside resorts with the best services and crystal clear waters,

one of the most beautiful of the 15 blue flags in Calabria

Tortora, Praia a Mare, San Nicola Arcella, Santa Maria del Cedro, Diamante, Roseto Capo Spulico, Trebisacce, Villapiana are the stages that we will see from time to time in time on the

In the province of Reggio Calabria and Catanzaro there are 2 locations each: Siderno and Roccella Jonica in the first and Soverato and Sellia marina in the second. In the province of Vibo valentia there is only Tropea.

Melissa and Cirò marina are the only two stops in the province of Crotone

Amazing kalabria has been invited by a television truope that will film all the locations. On this occasion we will have the opportunity to visit the most organized and cleanest beaches of the Calabrian coasts from north to south, from east to west.

We start with Soverato and Sellia Marina, then Tropea and the others to follow. A tour that will run until the end of August. Follow me on the youtube channel to not miss the episodes.

Finally in the headlines for what we really are: an area rich in resources, industrious communities, good practices in the private sector as well as in the governance of public affairs.

A positive balance that records an increase of one unit compared to the 14 beaches awarded in 2020.

An applause goes to all the Mayors of the municipalities of the 15 blue flags in Calabria for all the initiatives undertaken with skill and perseverance and for the results obtained.

The common goal is to promote the value of the territory; plan shared, sustainable and integrated development; enhance skills, optimize energy and resources to attract funding and implement concrete interventions.

What I have been doing personally for several years with the youtube channel and with this blog.

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